Logging In

Many of Common Ground's community sites and services are publicly available and do not require logging in to view. In some instances where privacy or collaboration are needed, users are required to log in with a Google account to verify their identity.  Google accounts are free and available at Google.com, or more directly, here.  If you have a Gmail account you already have a Google account. Signing up for a Google account does not require you to have a Gmail account if you do not want one, but does require you to have a valid email address.

When entering a private Common Ground site, users may first encounter a sign-in page like this:

Community and group leaders with commongroundmeditation.org accounts may log in with their user names and passwords in the upper box. Everyone else should click on the "Sign in with a different account" link in the bottom box. Once clicked, that link becomes a blank box where the email address associated with your Google account may be entered.

If you are already logged into your Google account, clicking on "Go" will take you to your destination. If not, you will be taken to a Google account sign-on page which includes boxes like this:
After signing in here you should be taken back to your destination. If you discover you still need a Google account, clicking on the "create an account now" link will take you where you can set one up. 

Once logged in, you should see your email address displayed at the top of the page along with other Google account settings.