Sites are an easy way for groups to create and maintain their own web pages in the Common Ground domain. Like Groups, Sites may be set up in a variety of ways depending on how the site will be used.  This page is an example of the most basic Site, a simple web page (that also can work like a wiki) for general information purposes. Other types of sites can be set up for announcements and blogging, lists, file libraries, and many other uses or combinations thereof.  Site visibility and access may also be set to public or private (log-in required) access, with a few shades in-between. Because of the many settings and other complexities regarding site setup, community leaders are encouraged to contact the webmaster (Scott Jensen) for help setting up their group sites. Google's help and documentation for sites can be found here.

(more coming soon)

Site Configurations

Sites can be set up to 

Web Page/Wiki


File Library

Other Items

Site Access




Common Ground Only

Logging in to Sites for Editing

While users accessing private Common Ground sites will be immediately directed to a log-in page, editors of public pages will need to look for the sign-on link at the bottom left of the page, in the footer. 

The link leads to the general log-in site for Common Ground's Google Apps. Read more about logging in, with and without Common Ground accounts here